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Assessments are collections of questions that are graded together; they can be used for homeworks, exams, in-lecture content, group work, and more. An assessment defines point allocations for individual questions, rules to control access based on date or user, instructions for students, and more. They can use a variety of grading schemes.


Summative assessments that are auto-graded with instant feedback and retry opportunities


Mastery-based homework assessments


Introducing new concepts online with checkpoints and instant feedback


Questions are the fundamental unit of content in PrairieLearn. While some questions are completely static, most PrairieLearn questions will contain logic to generate, display, and grade many unique variants of the same base question.

If you're new to PrairieLearn, you should check out the introduction to PrairieLearn questions to learn the key concepts used throughout these examples and all PrairieLearn questions.

Once you're familiar with the basics, check out the below questions to see some examples of questions that take full advantage of the PrairieLearn platform.