Empowering learners with equitable and authentic assessments

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Mastering learning meets online assessment

PrairieLearn is an online assessment and learning system that empowers instructors to create robust educational resources for students.

Adaptive question variants with real-time feedback

Instructors easily write questions as code, which automatically generate and grade infinite variants of themselves.

Empowering students to master content

Students are encouraged to keep trying new variants of the same question until they achieve mastery.

Try me!Question 5: Ball trajectory

Suppose a ball is thrown from a level surface at a 36° angle with a velocity of 5.8 m/s. How far will the ball travel?


Write questions once, use them any time and anywhere

PrairieLearn questions are defined as code, which is what makes them so powerful. Once a question is created, it can be reused in any future assessment. And students can keep trying new variants of difficult problems until they've mastered the topic—no need for you to manually write new questions.

Build activities to measure understanding during lectures, or create group assignments for lab sessions.

Students get instant feedback and can keep attempting problems until they achieve mastery.

Because question parameters are randomized, you can give students the chance to practice the same questions that will appear on tests.

Run automated tests in proctored facilities, or run bring-your-own-device tests in the classroom or online.

Automation without compromising quality

When using PrairieLearn, you do not need to be concerned about trivialising course material when offering computer-based assessments. In addition to standard inputs such as numerical, multiple-choice, checkboxes and dropdown menu, PrairieLearn will let students provide answers as graphical input, code, ordered blocks and much more!

Trusted by the best

Instructors at top universities in the United States and Canada have been using PrairieLearn to teach the next generation of students.

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Open-source. Forever.

PrairieLearn began life as open-source software, and we're committed to making sure it stays that way. With an active developer community of professors, course staff, and students, PrairieLearn gets better all the time.

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